What You'll Learn ...

Run Time: 45 Minutes • Success in life or business begins with trusted communication & people skills. Anchored by social & emotional intelligence, this course dives deep into our motivational drivers, inspirational killers, and basic human needs for decision-making, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. With dozens of real-world examples, a recurring theme will be the importance of clear, consistent & constructive strategies in our personal & professional words, deeds & brands (ideal for teens, parents, teachers, advisors, leaders, brands, negotiators, salespeople). Upon completing this course, you'll Master Basic Abilities in Communication & People Skills!

"I've known Cliff 30 years & I'm proud to call him a friend. He has a rare gift of people skills & business intelligence that's accessible to all. This course should be a prerequisite at every high school & college."

Nicole Frank • Busy Mom, Investor, Entrepreneur
  • Master The Art of Emotional & Social Intelligence

  • Improve Problem Solving & Conflict-Resolution Skills

  • Make Smarter Decisions with Greater Self-Awareness

  • Avoid Drama, Big Mistakes & Legal Hassles

  • Learn to Read The Room & Body Language

  • Master E-mail, Social-Media Etiquette + Keys to Quality Networking & Healthy Relationships

  • Earn Trust • Attract Quality People • Improve Team-Building & Leadership Skills • Create a Healthier Life

  • Improve Mission-Critical Communication Styles to Save Time-Money & Effort in your Life, Career or Business

  • Understand Negotiation Basics in Life & Business (See Cliff's 1-Day Power Negotiation MBA for Advanced Lessons).

  • COURSE INCLUDES: Accelerator Tools, Challenge Exercises, Recommended Articles, Favorite Movie Picks on Course Topic + Optional Quiz & Completion Certificate.

Meet Your Instructor

NY Times Bestseller • Coach • Consultant • Facilitator • Entrepreneur • VC • Real Estate & Mortgage Strategist

Cliff Michaels

BORN in NEW YORK and raised in L.A, Cliff lives in Del Mar, California. Known for his fun, down-to-earth style, Cliff brings a passionate, result-driven approach to every challenge.

FOUNDED in 1992, Cliff Michaels & Associates provides e-courses, consulting & resources for students, families, leaders, investors & entrepreneurs. A broker, writer & investor over 30 years, Cliff specializes in start-ups, venture capital, mortgages, real estate & global education.

A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, Cliff's first book (The 4 Essentials) hit #1 on Amazon and is part of his 1-Day MBA E-Course Series (Masterclasses in Basic Abilities). In 2016, Cliff's 1-Day-MBA Workshop was one of TEDxLA's highest-rated events.

PAST PRESIDENT of Young Entrepreneurs' Org L.A, Cliff developed YEO's first charity & mentor programs in 2003, benefitting Boys & Girls Club and Inclusion Matters Playgrounds. Philanthropy has been a personal mission ever since.

GIVING BACK > For 25 years, Cliff has been a supporter of the arts & youth learning programs. With each sale, FREE courses go to students in need. Cliff is also a member of USC’s Ed-Tech Incubator, building greater access to remote-learning for underserved communities.

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Course Lessons

    1. OVERVIEW: Communication & People Skills MBA

    2. Pre-Course Survey (your feedback helps)

    1. Social, Emotional & Business Intelligence

    1. Master Your Communication Choices

    1. The 12 Communication Commandments

    1. 10 Tips to Reading Body Language

    1. 11 Keys to Quality Networking and Relationships

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  • $29.95
  • 12 lessons

"What They Say ..."

Jayme Riggio

CEO, Riggio Allstate, Top 1% Nationwide

“Cliff has been my strategic coach, broker & business consultant since the ’90s. His insight, leadership, and negotiation skills are priceless.”

Jim Weldon

Founder/CEO, Trovo

“From broker & lender to boardroom advisor & extraordinary mentor to our kids, Cliff Michaels has been a trusted confidant over 25 years.”

Tony Hsieh

CEO, Zappos, NYT Bestseller “Delivering Happiness”

“Cliff Michaels delivers a powerful path to profits, passion, and purpose.”

Blake Mycoskie

Founder/CEO, TOMS Shoes, NYT Bestseller “Start Something That Matters”

“Cliff’s writing is full of inspiration & practical lessons. I highly recommend his book — The 4 Essentials.”

Blake Spencer

Class President, Marshall School of Business

“When Cliff presented The 4 Essentials to 300 students at USC’s #1 Entrepreneur Class, the response was amazing. We’re all big fans!”

Barbara Lipkin

Top 1% Estate Agent, Sotheby’s Int’l Realty

“I’ve co-brokered deals with Cliff for over 30 years. He’s an asset to buyers, sellers, and brokers on all sides of the table.”

Mary Mazzio

Award-Winning Filmmaker, Attorney, Social Documentarian

“Cliff is the consummate strategist & entrepreneur. His life lessons are riveting & I’m proud to call him a friend.”

Peter Thomas

Chairman Emeritus, Young Entrepreneurs’ Org (YEO)

“A visionary leader & pioneering entrepreneur, Cliff sets a winning bar for life & business training.”